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Season 5 of FiM starts today! Only hours left...

The usual spoiler policy applies: I will not be posting anything containing spoilers for a new episode until at least 24 hours after the episode itself has aired on TV (so info from leaks, promo clips, synopses, what a staff member said at a con, etc. still count as spoilers until it actually airs). After that, it's fair game! I'll do my best to hide/unhide page comments appropriately, too.

This is shaping up to be an exciting season, but please try to keep in mind that we all have different levels of spoiler-tolerance and some people like to go in with no idea what to expect! Conversely, if you don't want any spoilers at all, remember to browse with caution and consider avoiding places where they're likely to be posted.

Let's get ready for FRIENDSHIP! :iconbrohonk1plz::iconbrohonk2plz:
thank you for the birthday wishes everybody!! SO MUCH BIRTHDAY!! :iconapplejackplz:

(and thank you to the anonymous person who gifted me some paid time! you are an anonymous sweetheart :heart:)
Heading off on vacation, so I'll be out-of-state from January 26th to Februrary 4th. I should have wifi, but it won't be reliable, so there's your warning. :iconcheerileeawesomeplz:
So I got interviewed by the Cutie Art Crusaders! We talked about some general art stuff, and Moonstuck and Slice and the season 3 premiere, and hopefully I didn't make too much of an idiot out of myself!

The episode airs as part of Everfree Radio at 9PM EST, you can watch the stream of it here or check it out on their YouTube page afterwards!

(we actually recorded it last Friday, so the references to 'last episode'/'spoilers' are for the Crystal Empire episodes, not Too Many Pinkie Pies. :D)

Links again, for your convenience:… ⇦ General Page ⇦  Livestream Page for the premiere ⇦ Youtube video will be posted there after premiere
I really don't have the words for how incredible it's been reading everyone's responses to Moonstuck's ending. I had no idea that it had such an effect on so many people, and I'm so proud to have done something that's brought so much joy. Thank you to everybody who's read Moonstuck, whether you've been with it from the beginning or you just discovered it today, from the bottom of my heart.

thanks for all the fish by egophiliac

As long as I'm updating, I might as well talk about my spoiler policy for season 3 (less than a week, oh gosh!). Essentially: I know we're all really excited, but please do not post spoilers for upcoming episodes on my profile/deviations/journal/etc. I will be hiding spoiler comments until ~24 hours after the pertinent episode has aired.

I will not post spoiler fanart here until at least 24 hours after the airing. If I have some to show before then, I'll most likely post it on my tumblr, under both a cut and a link.

On the other hand, if you are avoiding spoilers, please tread carefully when reading through comments. I'll try to keep up with any that get posted, but I'm not always around! Episodes do tend to go up fast; it may be best to try and entirely avoid places like deviantArt, tumblr, forums, EQD, and so on until after you've had a chance to see it (or at least stick to pages you know for sure will not be posting spoilers).

"spoiler" doesn't even sound like a word anymore...
ooooh gosh it's only about five hours into the day and already I can't keep up!

So: thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, everyone! :iconpinkiepielaplz: If you need me, I'll be over here, eating my delicious Timcake.

Apparently there's a woonastuck group now! Someday I'm going to wake up from this dream where people actually enjoy it when I draw copious amounts of dorky pony fanart, and that will be a very sad day.

Also, on a more general note, I'm currently hanging around in Florida and won't be back until the 30th. My internet access is surprisingly stable, but I'm down here for family reasons so I'm probably going to be super-busy most of the time. I didn't post this here before, because I forgot! :iconapplejackisdizzyplz:
BronyCon was amaaaazing and so much happened, oh my gosh. :iconrarityfaintplz:

If you got a sketch or something from me, feel free to post it!
Off to BronyCon! We're leaving early Friday and will be back late Monday.

First off, I want to apologize in advance: I have horrible audio-processing, which is a billion times worse in noisy and crowded places, so please don't be offended if I ask you to repeat something once or twice (or three or four) times! It's me, it's not you.

To reiterate, we'll be sharing spot #505 with CadmiumCrab, which (according to the map) is a corner booth by the entrance and on the way to the concessions area, in the same four-square block as WeLoveFine and the trading card vendor. Or you could just look for the Science Woona banner, or our new standing Chrysalis banner! Texel will be the tall skinny guy talking about sheep husbandry, and I'll be the dumpy tyrannosaurus rex in a red-banded trilby.

The goods we have are:

:bulletred: Prints (6x4" postcards, 8.5x11", and oversize), including a brand-new Moonstuck poster and a completely-redrawn Luna's Cutie Mark
:bulletblack:Stickers! Big stickers, too, not just the smaller ones this time -- including, finally, a sticker of this! (There are Tim stickers. I'm just sayin'.)
:bulletred: Science Woona lab coats -- we're still not sure on the price, but these are MUCH higher-quality coats than we had anticipated, so they will probably be higher than the range I had initially quoted.
:bulletblack: The Moonstuck bat pony customs
:bulletred: Crocheted pony plushies
:bulletblack: Table sketches -- if you would like me to draw an OC, a super-obscure background pony, or something really complicated, please bring reference! We will not have wifi. Otherwise, I will draw pretty much anything along the lines of what I've drawn in the past: this includes pairings, rule 63, Pinkie dressed as Frank N. Furter, and so on.

OH MAN I am so nervous and also so excited! :iconpinkieisexcitedplz:
The print order is in and there's only a week left, so this is our official notice of conventioning!

Texel and I will be vending at BronyCon next week, on June 30th/July 1st. (Remember, there's no tickets at the door and it's quickly approaching the attendee cap, so if you haven't decided whether or not to go yet, time is running out!)

We'll be sharing spot #505 with pure uncut adorableness CadmiumCrab -- I believe our booth is right by the entrance and on the way to the concessions area, OR you could just look for Science Woona and the Chrysalis standing banner we're planning to have, aww yeah.

At this point the goods involve the following:

:bulletred: Prints, including a brand-new Moonstuck poster and a completely-redrawn version of Luna's Cutie Mark
:bulletblack: Stickers!
:bulletred: Science Woona lab coats
:bulletblack: Crocheted plushies
:bulletred: The Moonstuck bat pony customs -- I feel bad about splitting them up, so instead of just keeping one, whoever buys Meadowlark gets a free Sunshine. Yay!
:bulletblack: Table sketches -- if you would like me to draw an OC, please bring reference!
:bulletred: Hearty rounds of Texel singing about sixpence, jolly jolly sixpence

So much stuff! :iconrarityfaintplz: We're still trying to figure everything out, so unfortunately I can't give any estimates on price at the moment -- we probably won't know until day-of.

This post to be updated as we go, in case of mass print failure, plushie avalanche, and/or Ego explosions.
It's that time again! For those of you attending the June BronyCon:

Out of what is in my gallery, what would you like to see prints of?

Please do not ask for things that I've taken down, or for prints to be sold online.

Keep in mind that if it's a commission, I will need permission from the commissioner. :iconbatmanplz:
Hey guys, Woona is now up for auction on eBay!

I set the shipping price deliberately high so that I can pack her well without worrying. It will most likely work out to be less than that, and I will refund the difference.

She'll stay up for a week, ending on May 17th, 8:45PM Eastern (find that in your local time) and not May 10th like I said originally, somehow Woona travelled through time to end before I even listed her. Please make sure you look at all the pictures, because she has a discolored patch on the back of her neck you should be aware of!

I'll be a guest along with johnjoseco and PixelKitties on The Old Grey Mare podcast this Saturday, at 10PM Eastern time (find that in your local time). There'll be a charity auction for a commission from johnjoseco -- there's more details in the link.

It's a call-in show, so you can call in and talk to us directly! It's going to be so awesome. :iconso-awesomeplz:
I'm going to be joining the Ponies Live Now 24-hour stream to benefit Maddy Peters' charity, Inked! Art for Africa -- more info here.

I'm set to go on at 1AM EST (find that in your local time). See you there! :heart:
eta: Guys, I really appreciate the support, but as I said, we are only looking at BronyCon numbers for the moment. Thank you!


Something we're thinking about for BronyCon...

If you are planning to attend BronyCon: would you buy a lab coat with Science Woona on the pocket? (Most likely this picture or something similar.) Screenprinted on a real lab coat, unisex-cut, for probably $15-20 USD.

If we do a run for BronyCon, we may have some for sale online, but for now we're looking at just con numbers, thanks!

:iconsciencewoonaplz::iconsaysplz: SCIENCE!!!
After being impersonated on FIMFiction (swift action was taken due to the mods being awesome), here is a record to hopefully keep everything straight.

The following are me:

:bulletred: egophiliac @ dA (well, yes)
:bulletblack: egophiliac @ tumblr
:bulletred: egophiliac @ twitter

Also, I have accounts under the name 'egophiliac' on the following fandom-related sites:

:bulletred: Derpibooru
:bulletblack: Bronibooru
:bulletred: 20% Cooler
:bulletred: MLPArena /  MHArena

If you see someone claiming to be me on any other pony-related area, especially if the e-mail is not, super-especially if they claim I'm a man, chances are it's not actually me. If you see anyone claiming to be me and you're not sure, please drop me a note either here, on tumblr, or through my e-mail.

Thanks! :heart:
Sorry everybody, our Internet randomly died, we had to drive out to the McDonald's just to delete the post. :'D

Also the blank post was made by Texel, blame him. BLAME HIM FOREVER.
So I have a Twitter now and stuff.


eta: Also, so does Moonstuck! Now you have another place to see if submissions are open or not.
Moonstuck Livestream is currently over, thanks for coming!

The recording is currently playing on auto-pilot -- this is the recording only, I'm not streaming live! Also keep in mind that the chat is no longer moderated; there may be links or discussions that are NSFW.

Find it here:
Hey, guess what: my livestream channel was verified -- no more pesky viewer limits! To celebrate, I'm announcing a Moonstuck-centric livestream, to be held this Thursday!

I feel bad subjecting my usual livestream crowd to Moonstuck gibber, so this one will be specifically themed around Woona and her desaturated lunar adventures. I'll be there to answer any questions you might have, generally talk about Woona, and drawing...something Moonstuck-related, maybe updates, maybe just doodles. We'll see how it goes!

The stream will be held: Thursday, January 26th at 4:00PM EST (find that in your local time) A link will be posted shortly beforehand.

Chat will be open, but you must keep it G/PG -- I'm not going to ban you if a swear word slips out, but use your good judgement and don't bring up inappropriate subjects (including but not limited to R34 art, gory fanfic, and generally controversial subjects). If this is a problem for you, you are welcome to enjoy the stream without participating in the chat.

If anyone would like to volunteer to be a chat mod -- I would appreciate the help! -- drop me a message on either deviantArt, my regular tumblr, or by e-mail. Ideally I'd like people who've been to my streams before, but that's not a deal-breaker. c:

See you all there! ♡

eta: I'm pretty sure I've gotten back to everyone who volunteered -- thank you all so much! :heart: If you volunteered and haven't heard back from me, let me know!